Ji Hee Lee is a freelance graphic designer from Seoul. She is currently living and working in Hamburg.

CONTACT        Adress Ji Hee Lee, eppendorfer Weg 95A, 
20259 Hamburg, Germany

 (c/o WAF GmbH   Mobile + 49 0176 58 88 5655   Emailhi.jihee.lee(at)gmail.com


EXPERIENCE        2020 Hansen/2, Freelance Graphic Designer︎ 2020 Juno Gmbh, Freelance Graphic Designer︎ 2019 Very, Freelance Graphic Designer︎ 2017–2018 Node Berlin Oslo, Graphic Design Intern︎ 2009–2011 601 Bisang, Graphic Design Intern + Graphic Designer︎
AWARDS        2017 Giebichenstein Design Preis  2017  Premio Nazionale delle Arti Finalist  2011 Red Dot Award: Communications Design Best of the Best  2011 Red Dot Award: Communications Design Winner  2011 Red Dot Award: Communications Design Winner  2011 I.F Design Award Discipline: Communication  2011 I.F Design Award Discipline: Communication  2011  I.F Design Award Discipline: Product  2011 New York Festivals: Design Finalist Certificate

FEATURED IN        2020 NOT (YET) CANCELLED WELTFORMAT MAGAZIN  2020 GRAPHIC #46 (upcoming!)  2020 Design Magazin CA #251  2020 Parallel-Parallel︎  2019 Eye on Design magazine - Issue #05 Utopia  2019 Girlsclub Asia︎  2019 Should I Leave or Should I Stay? Project Unites South Korean Women in Design, AIGA Eye on Design︎  2018 The Eye on Design Guide to the Glorious, Distorted World of Typographic Tees, AIGA Eye on Design︎  2017 How Jihee Lee Breaks Down the Cultural Boundaries Built By StereotypesAIGA Eye on Design︎  2014  Design Magazin CA

SELECTED EXHIBITION        2020 diff n poster, 55 cinema, Daegu  2020 100 Films 100 Posters at the Jeonju intl. Film Festival, Palbok Contemporary Arts Factory, Jeonju  2019 SSC Open Studio 30 Posters, New York   2019  Add To the Cake, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dresden  2018 CAVA Open Studio, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul  2018 CAVA LIFE layers, RYSE Hotel, Seoul  2017 Typojanchi: Mohm The 5th International Typography Biennale, Seoul  2017  3,2,1, go! Exhibition during the DGTF, Halle(Saale)  2017 GiebichenStein Designpreis, Halle(Saale) 2017 Premio Nazionale delle Arti, Faenza  2016 Golden Bee Moscow global biennale of graphic design, Moskow  2011  Best Communication Design – Red Dot Winners Selection, Berlin  2011   TDC Exhibition, New york  2011  TDC Exhibition, Tokyo  2011  China International Poster Bienniale, Hangzhou

SPEAKING        2018 We are not same same, Studio Chérie, Berlin