I am Angry., 2016
Collaboration with So Jin Park

Medium: Website, campaigns, Poster
Language: English
“We came up with the idea for a platform where people with Asian heritage could share their experiences”

The project alerts to the microaggression, everyday racism, and discrimination against Asians and asian-looking people.

Putting the unsaid into words, turning an experience into a personal issue, making this personal issue a common one, bringing it into the public sphere inventing a platform and creating a clear, functioning presence that is also very successful from a graphical view point - the i am angry project does all of these things. It creates an image and a framework for a vague feeling. It gives diverse voices a platform and a form - a structure.
    Thank you, Jihee Lee and So Jin Park, for taking the pulse of our times, for putting your finger into the wound, for your impatience and your anger. And congratulations on receiving this year’s Giebichenstein Design Prize in the “Strongest commitment” category.

Nadia Schrader, together with Uli Budde, Prof. Pelin Celik and Prof. Ilka Helmig.