Should I Leave or Should I Stay?, 2018︎

Medium: Website
Language: Korean, English

Wage discrimination, male-oriented organizational culture, career discontinuity and horrible working environment.
    What does it mean to be a woman in Korea today?  Furthermore, What does it mean to be a korean female designer/illustrator? Why do Korean women leave Korea or stay put in Korea? And here, countless Korean women are at a crossroads.
    I interviewed seven female designers and illustrators working overseas for the »Should I Leave or Should I Stay?« project. Korean women in different cities around the world share their challenges and experiences through the interview. And we face an uncomfortable reality in South Korea and abroad that still exists for women.
   This project introduces stories of Korean women working abroad. Hopefully, this will increase the visibility of Korean female visual artists and positively change the position of Korean women in design and illustrastor industry overseas. And I hope the website will be a platform that provides useful basic informations and know-hows for korean women preparing to work abroad. Furthermore, an opportunity to mutually support and inspire each other.